Master Bet applications insert your agency on your customers’ mobile!

With the new FREE of CHARGE feature, “Master Bet PRO”, the Master Bet applications expand on players’ mobile devices!

With Master Bet PRO each agent creates his/her agency’s mobile app.

Without any extra cost s/he offers to the customers upgraded information for all the games (statistics, analyzes, tips, predictions etc.).
Furthermore, s/he can talk directly to the customers, with messages through the application.

As long as the customer is inside the agency, connected to the Wi-Fi s/he has access to important data for all the games helping him to bet smart and win.
The client's profits are growing, his mood is upset, strong incentives are created to visit the agency again and the time spending inside the agency is rising!
When the customer leaves the agency, s/he loses the access to the data!

The agent though through Master Bet PRO, can send messages to the customers even when they are not anymore inside the agency!

So, he has direct communication with them, sending them news and alerts, keeping the customer in connection with his/her agency.

Master Bet PRO is designed to provide customization of the application, like for example the name of the agency etc. Furthermore, the client that has been connected to one agency, if s/he leaves and will connect the device to another agency that has the Master Bet application, s/he will see the data according to the agency’s subscription, but the name and the messages of the first agent!

Now you can communicate with your customers without any interruptions

Now you can apply your own commercial policy, because you know your clients better

Now your agency differs from competition without differentiating itself from the policies of OPAP S.A.

Now your agency is MORE competitive from the internet

Don’t think about it!

Master Bet PRO is what you need to create the clients’ network of YOUR OWN agency!


Connect your client’s mobile device to your Wi-Fi.

Ask him to enter and accept the shortcut to his mobile.

That’s it!

  • The player gains access to special statistics only while s/he is at your agency and is connected to your Wi-Fi.
  • The player will see your brand name on his/her mobile device and will accept your own messages, even when away from the agency!


  1. The information, the tips, the statistics, the smart algorithms are some of the aids your agency offers in order to help him/her to win. The Master Bet PRO service is provided only by your agency and only when the player is inside. When s/he get away and loses the connection with the agency’s Wi-Fi, s/he has no longer access to the critical and essential aids.
  2. When the player enters another agency of the Master Bet network, s/he will see the information again, but with your agency’s logo and s/he will receive YOUR messages!
  3. NO download is required to your client’s mobile device, but only to add a shortcut icon on the device’s screen.
  4. The Master Bet Pro application is a FREE service for our exciting subscribers and will “open” gradually, according to the volume of interest, in order to keep order of priority.
  5. Any customer, who is "registered" with your agency, is not able to change to another agency and is another member of your customer club!

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