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Applications of betting shops

KinoPRO, the most popular application to analyze and display the information about KINO.
The application gives all information to the player, earnings per draw in real time, in just one
screen at a glance.

KinoPRO Κέρδη/Επιτυχίες

Earnings – Wins

Gains and hits per draw, and the total gains of the day and the day before.

KinoPRO Καθυστερήσεις


The numbers with the more delays in consecutive draws and the total number of them.

KinoPRO Επαναλήψεις


The numbers with more repetitions in consecutive draws and the total number of them.

Odds-Evens | Columns

View results for Odds - Evens and Columns in the last 3 draws.

KinoPRO Τελευταίες Κληρώσεις

Last Draws

Results of the two last draws.

KinoPRO Τυχεροί Αριθμοί

Lucky numbers

The lucky numbers of the last draw.

KinoPRO Τα Kino Bonus σήμερα

KiNO Bonus of the day

The KiNO Bonus numbers drawn from the morning until now.

KinoPRO Καθυστερήσεις Bonus

Bonus Delays

The 4 KiNO Bonus numbers with the most delays in the last draws.

KinoPRO Κέρδη Kino Bonus

KiNO Bonus Profits

The KiNO Bonus earnings per category in each draw and total profits of KiNO Bonus up to current moment.

Live Betting Booster

Live Betting Booster is the new transmission and display system of the odds of the Live Betting game in the betting shop.

Each game is broadcasted as a separate event, that can be displayed in any TV in the shop.

Live Betting Booster
  • Live virtual broadcast of the game
  • Statistics of the game (fouls, cards, attacks, e.t.c.)
  • Display of the important match events ( fouls, corners, substitutions, e.t.c.)
  • Display of the odds of the game with percentage analysis.
  • All the betting markets

Final Results

All the final results of the betting slip in 6 different screens!

Today’s results - Last day results - Final results of the betting slip

Τελικά αποτελέσματα

*Additional screen without team names.
For more results in one screen!

Live Results

New design and 3 unique screens to choose, not to lose any second from the action.

Live αποτελέσματα

*Red cards, canceled games & many more notifications.

Changes in odds

All changes in odds of the coupon in real time, immediateand valid.

Αλλαγές Αποδόσεων

*Specific percentage indication for changes more than 10%.

Off coupon games

Display the games that are not in the coupon and give to punters more options to bet.

Αγώνες εκτός κουπονιού

*All current odds on all points of the current coupon.


All information for horse racing in 17 screens, in real time immediate and valid.



Display the results of all OPAP games to your customers in one screen.


Games PROmo

Promotional spots for “TZAKPOT”, “SKRATS” and more, attracting the client to “enter” the game.

Games PROmo

Vertical Screens


Display the results of all OPAP games to your customers in one screen.

All Results

All OPAP games in one screen.

Results & Promo

All the results of drawing games and "SKRATS" in one screen. See the lucky edition of "SKRATS" and the money won until now.

Final Results

All the final results of the coupon in 3 available vertical screens!
Today's Final Scores - Yesterday's Final Scores - Final Results of current coupon

ΚΙΝΟ Last 15

The last 15 draws of KiNO and the total earnings of the day.

News Headlines

View all the front pages of sport newspapers at a glance.